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장치 드라이버 설치 마법사
ERROR: Path 'C:\3DP\Net\1609\Backup\2017-01-17_00.16.08\SYSTEM\Intel(R) Management Engine Interface ' not found.
DPInst.exe: installs and uninstalls driver packages.
By default, the tools searches the current directory and tries to install
all driver packages found.
Usage: DPInst.exe [/U INF-file][/S | /Q][/LM][/P][/F][/SH][/SA][/A][/PATH Path][/EL][/L LanguageID][/C][/D][/LogTitle Title][/SW][/? | /h | /help]
  /U path to INF file
            Uninstall a driver package (INF-file).
  /S | /Q   Silent (Quiet) mode. Suppresses the Device Installation
            Wizard and any dialogs popped-up by the operating system.
  /LM       Legacy mode. Accepts unsigned driver packages and packages with
            missing files. These packages won't install on the latest
            version of Windows.
  /P        Prompt if the driver package to be installed is not better
            than the current one.
  /F        Force install inf the driver package is not better than the
            current one.
  /SH       Scans hardware for matching devices and only copies and installs
            those drivers for which a device is present. Only valid for
            Plug and Play drivers.
  /SA       Suppress the Add/Remove Programs entry normally created for
            each driver package.
  /A        Install all or none.
  /PATH Path
            Search for driver packages under the given path.
  /EL       Enables all languages not explicitly listed in the XML file.
  /L LanguageID
            Tries to use the given language in all UI.
            Useful for localization tests.
  /SE       Suppress the EULA.
  /C        Dump logging output to attached Console (Windows XP and above).
  /D        Delete driver binaries on uninstall.
  /SW       Suppresses the Device Installation Wizard, the operating system
            might still pop-up user dialogs.
  /? | /h | /help
            Shows this help.

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